Friday, December 31

Blonk investigation - Jack's notes

Normally I don’t like to keep personal journals okay?  Though this time there’s just some things that I can’t put in the official report, like the real reason I didn’t mind bringing Nick with me.  I was hoping to share a room with her, but that’s not going to be possible, one of those damn rats are with her at all times, I was bit the first day we were here because I tried to pick one up and she as one riding on her shoulder.

They seem to have her and our host under some sort of, yeah as a scientist I shouldn’t use the word, but they’re under some sort of spell.  I don’t trust the damn rats.  I’m just hoping that it’ll be safe enough to leave her alone with them a few hours while I check out city hall tomorrow.  I need to know if I should call in a team.  Already thinking of telling CDC to quarantine the town.

Just hope that there’s a way to reverse whatever’s been done to Nicky, last thing our company needs is to lose the best photographer and video editor we have.  Ed would get pissed about that since he’s the one that recruited her from college.  

I’ve checked the room, it’s clear of those damned things.  Nick’s asleep in her room, I checked before sitting down to write.  I might be lucky enough to get through the rest of the night without a situation. 


Nick’s gone, her camera’s with her but her cell’s still at the B&B.  It’s two am, I went to check on her when I woke hearing something in the hall.  Damn girl managed to slip past me somehow; it’s raining outside and her jacket’s still in her room.  I’m going out to look for her, taking the video camera with me and my tape recorder.  If the damn rats are behind it I’ll be on the phone with CDC to get them to start rounding up everyone in this place.  I’ll even deal with the lock up until I know I’m not carrying whatever they have.

Jack’s tapes 4 am

Found Nick.  She’s in the hospital now.  Found her in the woods near some nests.  She wasn’t breathing, took me a moment to get her back to start.  They’re keeping her for observation.  I don’t know what else to do.  She insists she’s fine. 

She was so cold when I found her.  And those damn rats, they were all over her, I looked, there weren’t any bites, but still, I don’t trust them.  It’s like they know I want to take one back to the lab for study.  That’s insane though, how could an animal know that?

Saturday, December 25

Ah happily watching Doctor Who. Want to make some Amigurumis

Actually I want to make the big cuddly Doctors and Torchwood ones from Pixelated Mushroom.  They're adorable. 

Okay,I really should finish these other projects I have before starting a new one.  Like my WTFery doll, which will probably only be one of... I was thinking it would be cute for my New Years ones, but... I don't like how it looks right now  I might not get them done in time for Chinese New Year.  Which is a bummer.  I really wanted to.

And damn it... Why is BBC America Editing the episodes!  They cut out all the funny scenes in the last two episodes before switching to Eleventh Doctor eps.  Oh well, not like I don't have them already.  I'll end up watching them later.

Now I'm done rambling going back to blonks so I zone out on the TV.

Monday, December 20

WIP Box show and tell (AKA why I'm so silent)

Yeah I haven’t been writing here in a while I’m so sorry about that I really am trying to be better at that!
Well I figured I’d do a show and tell to show you that the blonky lab’s in full swing!  I’ve been working my little fingers to the nubs trying to get these done so I can pop them up for sale.  

I’m also trying to plot out a little story for them.  They’re whole creation story because really, they are supposed to be monkeys, but tend to want to be mice and other little critters, so figure I’d write something to explain what they are other than really loud and Gods they multiply worse than bunnies!  My WIP box has about sixty of them waiting to be born and I plan on making at least another forty of them before I start working on some actual dolls.

I’m really thinking that I should have something up for their creation by Christmas, my little gift to you, a nice story post. 

Maybe there’ll be a post with a WIP doll in it too.  I found a pattern that I really want to try.  Thinking if it works I’ll be adding actual dolls to my collection of items to sell.  I was going to make some coffee slips, still might knowing how much I drink coffee, I’ll play with the pattern with scrap yarn.  I think after this rush I’ll have some extra.  I need to start making a list of the colors I use too, that way when I run out I can get more.  I think that’s one reason I’m using red heart.  No dye lot is becoming a life saver.  I’ve already run out of one color and had to go back to get more at the store a few times, you wouldn’t think that little blonks, only a few inches tall would take up so much yarn.  I average ten blonks per ball with a little left over for the ears and tails.  They’re a great stash buster project though.  

Now for the show and tell one craft drawer of blonks (And one pencil oops): 
 That was at about 3 am this morning.  I'm slowly trying to get at least ten different colors done so I can do some mix and matching.  Still have 2 pairs of gloves to make as Christmas gifts. 

Wednesday, October 20

Warms scarves, gloves and really what am I doing?

Sorry I've been quiet lately, trying to get Blonks made, work on some gifts for the holidays and well pretty much trying to get things done before my mad writing attack starting the first of the month. Yeah I'm going to try to run both at the same time, the shop and NANO. I'm only shooting for 60k words this year, not doing something insane like the double book I pulled last year (120k words in one month is a PAIN to edit at the end of the month, I still can't make out most my caffeine induced writing for one of the books, so it's probably a loss). Hoping to get this one scarf finished tonight and get a few Blonks up tomorrow. If not I will have more items in my shop by Friday, before my two hours of TV, because I need my Sci-Fi fix weekly.

Right now that comes in the form of Supernatural (Monsters every week so WIN!) and Sanctuary. When the next season of Dr. Who comes on I'll probably be watching it if BBC actually behaves on or cable network. For some reason I can't really get into other shows. Occasionally I'll watch CSI and NCIS, but I'm not as much of a fan as I used to be. I know Kate so sorry!

Well back to work, that way I can hurry get the gifts done hopefully in time to send them out with the shop orders. Yes this means that Dad might actually get the blanket I started making for him this time last year. I have it mostly done, just have to figure out how I'm linking the panels together. Might go for a leaf motif…

Reminds me I should also work on the gloves I want for the faire made. Might just end up making them bracers instead, I'll have to find the right boots too. Looks like I may be making a trip to the mall. Maybe I'll be lucky to find the right ones because I need another pair of good soft leather boots. My black ones, which would have been perfect for a costume, fell apart on me after five years of constant wear, and the other pair I have… I'm not killing myself to walk around in three inch heels thanks.

Friday, October 8

Blonkies now have a home!

    I just opened up my shop on ArtFire as Tejina's Toy box. I only have a few items up there at the moment; I'm hoping to put the rest of the spook trios up, and thinking I might make a few other things to pop up until I can get more Blonks done. I'll be selling them off once I have a basket full of them. Until now you'll be seeing Snowmen, blob trios and if I get some extra time (Man what I wouldn't do for more than 24 hours in a day) some winter gear.

    Ended up making this shop for two reasons, one, I wanted to have a shop where I'm not sharing the workload with the housemate, which at this rate is 98% me 2% her; and two, Dude! The Blonks are cool enough to deserve their own shop right? Everyone agrees on that right? Awesome!

    Okay this is proof I have to start sleeping nights and not stay up watching British Science Fiction shows back to back late night. I tend to get a little hyper. Though I have a friend out in California who wants me to make her a Master Blonk, should have asked which version of him. I'll probably end up making a Ghostie one, white hair black hoodie… Means I'd have to make a Doctor too… Yeah, that whole idea came about at about 3 am Eastern Standard time really. There's also an idea floating around to make StarGate Blonks and Resident Evil ones. Zombeh blonks… that's actually a scary thought, really scary thought (Yeah there's an evil look on my face now). I'll have to wait on them until much later. After all winter's all about the warm fuzzies right?

    This winter's Trio is going to be a candle, a Yule log, and looks like by random pole done again late night with friends, Holly or Mistletoe! I'll have pictures up as soon as I get the first trio done, until then, I think I'm going to go grab crackers cheese and some lunch meat, pop in a movie and try to get less hyper.

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Thursday, September 30

I’m surrounded by headless blonkies!

Yeah, that's what I'm calling the little creatures that I make with Amigurumi. The set I'm working on now are for the Etsy shop. I just hope that the partner in the shop starts to do a little more for it than what she has so far, because 95% of the shop's been done by me so far. She made extra ears and tails to attach to the Blonks, but really, she should stick with jewelry for it, she can make that with better precision than trying to learn how to make the Ami's like I do. 

I think that's my main problem lately, she seems to gravitate to things I find I enjoy and tries to take them over. Then when she can't get them to look 'right' she gets frustrated and says she's a failure. After a while it gets on your nerves. Which is why I attempted to move all my stuff to my room to work, that worked OH so well, I ended up bringing half of it back down so I could work while zoning out the TV, I'm determined to get this shop open tomorrow though, mostly because I need to start saving some money for a trip to Michigan to meet my sister-in-law and niece next fall. If I can swing it I want to be able to drive there and back. Thinking if I drive I can stop on the way and get my whole Zen going again, since lately I've been far to Warrioristic. Yeah I know it's not really a word, but it should be. 

Let's see, guess I'm going to go crochet my little fingers to the bones, the headless Horseblonk here will be my final statement. After all, he's determined to get a new proper head with a muzzle!

Monday, September 20

Okay, okay so I really suck at blogging.

I know I haven't used this account as much as I wanted to lately. Been working on a few things; EDL and now my Amigurumi and Jewelry site, which also has a blog on it, as well as plotting out my writing project for November. I think I may actually start that writing project early and totally shine off doing NaNoWriMo this year. I know I can hit the word count in a month, though the story that I have brewing in my head's one that I want to get down without the time restraint. Besides, might be fun to write.

And the idea's a little better than the steam punk one that I was writing about last time. We'll see how it goes after all, I have so much going on at the moment I don't even know where to start. Other than the beginning, right now that's as far away from crochet hooks as I can get for a few hours. Totally blame it on the fact that the little demons I made aren't as cute as I thought they would be so I don't want to even attempt Jack o lanterns at the moment. Ugh, I should go get my drink and plug in the laptop. Sitting out on the porch for a bit, just because it's one of those days where it's a little cool, but comfortable. The day made for apple cider, and a nice happy little story.

Guess it looks like I'm writing for a bit. I should see about getting back into a few writing groups. I haven't been in any for a while, mostly because the writer's block lately. One good thing about the Amigurumi I'm making. The monkeys I've made have started to take on a life of their own and have been forcing me to create little stories for them. One of these days I'll end up typing them all up and posting them. Probably in the little description of them on the new site, just so that readers will see who I'm talking about.

Until next time (Which won't be forever I promise!)


Monday, May 3

I know it's been a while since I've written anything.

Mostly because I've been doing a lot of writing and working on amigurumi.  OMG I did the cutest little Sack doll (LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition) using Moon's pattern.  I'm thinking I may have to make another one add the first to my key chain.

I'm also working on my 'totem' stackers (Working title for them)  I have twelve lists of twelve animals to try to make, think building blocks for more 'grown up' kids.  Though if they work well with the amigurumi, I might make little kid ones too out of fleece.  Yes these will be sold in the shop once me and the house mate actually get things done for that.  Right now we're still playing with patterns and beads to figure out just what we want to sell. 

I'll try to get some more pictures up soon.  It's too icky outside right now for them, and I don't want to move things around to take them inside. 

Wednesday, February 10

More crafty artsy stuff. gee... I may just end up turning this into an art blog.

What do you guys think?  I know some people don't have my DA, heh it's in the sidebar...

Anyway!  Guess what?  Jewelry, and Pixels.... whoah this will be a messed up blog post.

First up.  Some jewelry I'm making for a shop my housemate and I are making on etsy.  I showed you tribal the other day...
Nicknamed SandRock.  I need to get a better photo of it, sorry I was a little rushed getting them up.
NeoTokyo  This one I love though.  Mostly because it's one of the wild things I would wear!
And Locke Cole from FF3/6 done for Pyrochan's Final Fantasy challenge.  16 colors, including the transparency and all pixelled.  That's the first time I really paid attention to the light source.  I personally like how he came out.

Monday, February 8

Yeah I know no updates lately I'm sorry.

I got distracted with shiny things...

Yes that's snow.  A lot of it and we'll be hit with more tomorrow night yay...

And well I was bored, and since the housemate and I are planning on opening an etsy shop we've been working hard... or hardly working? at making jewelry.

This piece I call Tribal

And while I'm at it I'm showing off my newest plushie.  I'm teaching myself how to make Amigurumi and this is the second one I made.  Meet Whispers.  He's happy traveling around and clings to my purse or keychain.  He hasn't decided exactly where he wants to hang yet.  but I think he's adorable.