Wednesday, February 10

More crafty artsy stuff. gee... I may just end up turning this into an art blog.

What do you guys think?  I know some people don't have my DA, heh it's in the sidebar...

Anyway!  Guess what?  Jewelry, and Pixels.... whoah this will be a messed up blog post.

First up.  Some jewelry I'm making for a shop my housemate and I are making on etsy.  I showed you tribal the other day...
Nicknamed SandRock.  I need to get a better photo of it, sorry I was a little rushed getting them up.
NeoTokyo  This one I love though.  Mostly because it's one of the wild things I would wear!
And Locke Cole from FF3/6 done for Pyrochan's Final Fantasy challenge.  16 colors, including the transparency and all pixelled.  That's the first time I really paid attention to the light source.  I personally like how he came out.

Monday, February 8

Yeah I know no updates lately I'm sorry.

I got distracted with shiny things...

Yes that's snow.  A lot of it and we'll be hit with more tomorrow night yay...

And well I was bored, and since the housemate and I are planning on opening an etsy shop we've been working hard... or hardly working? at making jewelry.

This piece I call Tribal

And while I'm at it I'm showing off my newest plushie.  I'm teaching myself how to make Amigurumi and this is the second one I made.  Meet Whispers.  He's happy traveling around and clings to my purse or keychain.  He hasn't decided exactly where he wants to hang yet.  but I think he's adorable.