Thursday, September 30

I’m surrounded by headless blonkies!

Yeah, that's what I'm calling the little creatures that I make with Amigurumi. The set I'm working on now are for the Etsy shop. I just hope that the partner in the shop starts to do a little more for it than what she has so far, because 95% of the shop's been done by me so far. She made extra ears and tails to attach to the Blonks, but really, she should stick with jewelry for it, she can make that with better precision than trying to learn how to make the Ami's like I do. 

I think that's my main problem lately, she seems to gravitate to things I find I enjoy and tries to take them over. Then when she can't get them to look 'right' she gets frustrated and says she's a failure. After a while it gets on your nerves. Which is why I attempted to move all my stuff to my room to work, that worked OH so well, I ended up bringing half of it back down so I could work while zoning out the TV, I'm determined to get this shop open tomorrow though, mostly because I need to start saving some money for a trip to Michigan to meet my sister-in-law and niece next fall. If I can swing it I want to be able to drive there and back. Thinking if I drive I can stop on the way and get my whole Zen going again, since lately I've been far to Warrioristic. Yeah I know it's not really a word, but it should be. 

Let's see, guess I'm going to go crochet my little fingers to the bones, the headless Horseblonk here will be my final statement. After all, he's determined to get a new proper head with a muzzle!