Sunday, November 27

survived! I think

Well I managed to get the blonk packaged away for my stepmother, it's currently on it's way to Michigan.  Now I just have photos to take of the rest of the stuff we have to get up on line.  Then it'll just be a matter of continuing to keep it stocked.  Shouldn't be too hard really we have a stock pile already and I'm so going to be re-organizing things so that I can get them in a better packaging production mode.

Reminds me I have to get more jewelry boxes.  Yay what fun.

But yeah, I'm planning on using this blog more.  Hopefully I will remember to.  Time for me to actually get off my rear to get the stuff I need done.  the rate I'm going... I'll have everything done by next New Years!  Yeah... I'm a little slow at it okay?

Thursday, November 17

Gah! FRANTIC Mad scientist here!

I have a little over a week to finish up some presents for family and hardly time to do it in.  Though I'm about an 8th of the way done with the blanket I'm making for my dad.  Hoping I can snag some photos before giving it to him for the blog.  I can't show it off obviously before hand not sure if he's reading this one.

Also want to make a decent sized Blonk for Teri, maybe two, though pretty sure the blanket will be shared if I can finish it.  If not the housemate wants me to give them the one she made and I'll put mine in the shop.  I'm just hoping I have enough yarn for it.

And yeah I know I need to put more items up in the Zibbet account to get that fully up and running.  Ugh, if I survive the Holidays this year it'll be a miracle.  They're not even in full swing yet and I'm frazzled.

Might be because I have so many things to do and feels like absolutely no time to do it.  Wonder if this is how other shop owners feel their first year of having a shop?

Sunday, October 23

I really need to post here more often...

I’ve been hanging out too much on Tejinas Toybox lately though I’m slowly trying to get everything organized better so that I have all the blogs tied into one.
Let’s see, the last… few months have actually been a blur, I’ve been busy trying to get things done, and we got the housemate’s son to college, with all the quiet time in the house you’d think I’d spend more time writing… Yeah, not really, I’ve been working on so many crochet projects lately that my hands want to hack themselves off and run away. 
Doesn’t help that Toes is being clingy lately.  I think he misses his sister, she passed away back in February, and since then I’ve been in my little funk.  Hoping to pop out of it soon. 
Yeah I know a eh post, about to go get some things done so I can start figuring out what I’m going to do with the store of items I have to get into the shops.

Friday, January 28

Guess who needs a new purse?

And reading over this before posting… Oh Gods, I'm going GIRLY! But damn I like the bags I'm linking. They're cool looking and scream 'different'. Which is something I've always tried to be; a little 'out there'.

Okay I don't NEED one I just want one, so that's why I'm sitting on Ravelry looking at purse patterns that I can toy with. There's a few I've seen already that I like.

This bag… I know I will end up making and steaming. It would look really cute with the gloves I'm planning for my steampunked outfit, and it would be the perfect size to tuck away ID and money as well as a small ball of yarn and my hooks for long trips.

Though this one is another cute bag… looks like something I would carry more often.

And yeah I love small pouches. This one just looks cute and I have some dishcloth yarn left from some projects, wonder if the bags would make some good stash busters? I'll have to play around with it a little, doesn't look that hard and I might have another drawer I can empty out for little things.

I may end up having to make a few just for fun, that is after I get these blonks done, and my steam bunny… I may end up making steam bunnies, and purses for etsy, that is when I get the room to organize my things a little better.

And while I'm at it, I know I should be promoting my stuff, but a friend of mine is making cute stuff. We're probably going to do a trade blonks for a wallet cause mine's a bit bulky…

I wonder if it's bad that both of us are feeding each other's addictions… me for my survival horror (If she can find the fabric) Me for hr NCIS (tim and Abby, shouldn't be that hard to blonk them. I has something to toy with this weekend heh.

That is after making that Steamed bunny, and a Zeppelin, because I failed to find one this week for my steamed Mondays!

And yeah I should have some images up for mid week next week. Trying to get the rest of my blonks and the jewelry up, need to work on my pixel for my cards too so much to do so little time to do it.

Monday, January 24

Steamed Mondays – invasion of the kraken?

I was seriously worried I wouldn't get this done today. First it was driving around town to find a few things… then having to go back to the pharmacy for a prescription… Needless to say, now I'm home for the rest of the night and looking around…

I was trying to find an Amigurumi Zeppelin, but three searches on three different crawlers turned up nothing! Am I just not searching right or has no one come up with an Ami airship yet? If that's the case… I may have to toy with it, my niece will have her Doctor and a whole slew of air pirates! And my brother will think I'm insane.

Wait, he already does.


Because the whole zeppelin thing was a bust, I'll give you Squids, Octi, and hm, Lab stuff, because they all go together in some sort of way (Okay the last bit is because I have viruses on the brain, Resident Evil will do that to you).

First off, the story behind these squids were amusing, too bad I'm on the wrong side of the ocean (really should see if they do silly stuff like this at the National aquarium, I'm only a few hours from it and it's a fun drive into Baltimore). And the story behind them… I'm a little curious to see how I'd stand against one of the little guys, or if I'll have my fingers in splints for a few weeks.

And I know EVERYONE does at least one octopus right (Not sure what happened to CK, the housemate's daughter got him so he was probably trashed, but Titan's ruling over his empire, I really need to get him a fish bowl…). I thought that these two just looked adorable.

And yeah I'm a sucker for cats, so I had to add the pirate kitty by djonesgirlz to this week's collection. What better kitty to deal with that squid and the octi right?

And what alchemist lab's complete without a beaker? Okay yeah I know that is the wrong kind, but I grew up with the Muppets, and when I saw him I couldn't help it with the joke.

Hope you liked this week's little collection of Amigurumis. I think I'm starting to get the hang of hunting them down now. Now to work on my own steampunked Amis.

Sunday, January 23

whoah lots of craziness

Currently I have a few Ami's in the works, and I'm trying to reorganize things, so that I can update here, and on my website in the same day as doing an update on the shop. 

So for a while things may look messy here I promise I'm working on it.  Hoping to make a decent banner for the blog too.  It really needs one. 

I know I owe some more, but with all this revamping I really don't feel like writing so I'll leave you with the luv bunnehz. 

Monday, January 17

Love of the weird and steamed

Yeah I'm into steampunk, just the thought of the clothes, the machinery, and let's not forget the d├ęcor. I spent most of yesterday going through steampunk blogs looking for designs that I would love to do to a house. I'd also have to make sure that whatever I did was pet friendly. I've almost always had a pet so I love the idea of animal friendly homes.

Today, waiting for something to load up (Why must my four hours of blowing stuff up take three hours to load Damn you slow computer and Maplestory addiction!), I decided to take a peek to see if I could find any Steampunked Amigurumi (See tied it to the theme of the blog!)

And yeah I'm trying to avoid the whole Chuluthu Amigurumis, I've seen so many of them I think that may be what everyone else thinks when they think Steampunked Ami. So here I go with a Google search for the more rare pieces, I'm going to make this a weekly feature, about four or five steamy ami's (that make sense?) a week? And just so you know, I'm not getting paid to post these nor have I asked the person who made them (Which is why I'll link to their images and sites, these posts won't be filled with images.

Here's one that's creepily cute: Toxic Tots by Crafty Deb Designs on Etsy looks like they could be from Silent Hill as well, well if you go with the movie version. They do scare me a little though, I think if I made one I'd stick it the back of my shelf just to make sure it wouldn't find it's way in weird places… Knowing the ghosts in our house, it would be on my bed…

Then there was this adorable bear from Amigurumi Kingdom. I love the rivets in the ears, he looks like he should be roaming around some steampunked village. Or he's a little messenger bear.

Here's Big Daddy from the Nerdigurumi site. I am so wanting to make myself one of these and a Little Sister to go with it because they're as… Wait no strike that they're a lot cooler than Nemesis, because you know when you get into a fight with one it WILL mess you up. Hm… I make one it'll be out of metal wire though. And I'll need the right kind of lamp to hang near it.

Last for this week is this amazing doll that I found on Toureasy47201's Flicker. I love the attention to detail in her. Considering I'm working on my first doll I'm always amazed at the detail that can be put into them. One of these days I'll have enough courage to so that pattern, right now I haven't felt I could do it justice.

Need to crop some more photos and finish some other Ami that are sitting in the WIP box. Might have to soon put them in my basket because the drawers I have aren't real big.

Thursday, January 13


Yeah I've been so busy lately trying to get a bunch of new blonks made and today I'll be photographing them.

Doesn't exactly help that my computer's been crashing on me the last few days so I'm scrambling to save up money to fix that problem too, with luck I'll get that problem situated, because it's hard to run a business or even write when the only other computer I have access to is the housemate's who's I can't use because my programs aren't on it (She refuses to upgrade her software and sorry but I will not be writing out blog posts on a computer that doesn't have a decent word processor. as for last Friday's post…

Well I could lie about it and say I just forgot, but I usually set those so they'll post on the day they're supposed to, just proves how busy I've been lately. Learning how to make a new Amigurumi (Need to finish the legs of this first doll then play with it to see how I like it. Which means my Chinese New Years blonks won't happen this year. Holiday blonks and monthly zodiac will, if all goes well, start next month.

I'm hoping to make enough money with these so that I can save up for two costumes for when I go to visit Dad and my step mom in Michigan, which is where most of the money from the sales of the blonks will be going for right now. Well that and I need to add new stuff to my wardrobe so I can get another job. I want to be able to get my own car because sorry, the one that I have access to now is so not me. I'd rather have something that's a little more adventurous. Hard to take a 4 door coupe on dirt roads, I'd like something I don't care if it gets dirty.

Reminds me, I should price organic local yarns soon, I like the stuff I use, but I want to see if I would like that a little more. I like the idea of organic or eco friendly materials for these.

Okay I have to go finish some of these blonks so I can go play with the camera. Next shop update will have some of my Jewelry too I think. The housemate's too, since she's helping me with getting my laptop fixed.

Hopefully I'll have time to get a story post up too. I need to type up all my notes that I have for the shop too.

Yeah Rambling away cause I'm overwhelmed at the moment.