Thursday, January 13


Yeah I've been so busy lately trying to get a bunch of new blonks made and today I'll be photographing them.

Doesn't exactly help that my computer's been crashing on me the last few days so I'm scrambling to save up money to fix that problem too, with luck I'll get that problem situated, because it's hard to run a business or even write when the only other computer I have access to is the housemate's who's I can't use because my programs aren't on it (She refuses to upgrade her software and sorry but I will not be writing out blog posts on a computer that doesn't have a decent word processor. as for last Friday's post…

Well I could lie about it and say I just forgot, but I usually set those so they'll post on the day they're supposed to, just proves how busy I've been lately. Learning how to make a new Amigurumi (Need to finish the legs of this first doll then play with it to see how I like it. Which means my Chinese New Years blonks won't happen this year. Holiday blonks and monthly zodiac will, if all goes well, start next month.

I'm hoping to make enough money with these so that I can save up for two costumes for when I go to visit Dad and my step mom in Michigan, which is where most of the money from the sales of the blonks will be going for right now. Well that and I need to add new stuff to my wardrobe so I can get another job. I want to be able to get my own car because sorry, the one that I have access to now is so not me. I'd rather have something that's a little more adventurous. Hard to take a 4 door coupe on dirt roads, I'd like something I don't care if it gets dirty.

Reminds me, I should price organic local yarns soon, I like the stuff I use, but I want to see if I would like that a little more. I like the idea of organic or eco friendly materials for these.

Okay I have to go finish some of these blonks so I can go play with the camera. Next shop update will have some of my Jewelry too I think. The housemate's too, since she's helping me with getting my laptop fixed.

Hopefully I'll have time to get a story post up too. I need to type up all my notes that I have for the shop too.

Yeah Rambling away cause I'm overwhelmed at the moment.