Monday, January 17

Love of the weird and steamed

Yeah I'm into steampunk, just the thought of the clothes, the machinery, and let's not forget the d├ęcor. I spent most of yesterday going through steampunk blogs looking for designs that I would love to do to a house. I'd also have to make sure that whatever I did was pet friendly. I've almost always had a pet so I love the idea of animal friendly homes.

Today, waiting for something to load up (Why must my four hours of blowing stuff up take three hours to load Damn you slow computer and Maplestory addiction!), I decided to take a peek to see if I could find any Steampunked Amigurumi (See tied it to the theme of the blog!)

And yeah I'm trying to avoid the whole Chuluthu Amigurumis, I've seen so many of them I think that may be what everyone else thinks when they think Steampunked Ami. So here I go with a Google search for the more rare pieces, I'm going to make this a weekly feature, about four or five steamy ami's (that make sense?) a week? And just so you know, I'm not getting paid to post these nor have I asked the person who made them (Which is why I'll link to their images and sites, these posts won't be filled with images.

Here's one that's creepily cute: Toxic Tots by Crafty Deb Designs on Etsy looks like they could be from Silent Hill as well, well if you go with the movie version. They do scare me a little though, I think if I made one I'd stick it the back of my shelf just to make sure it wouldn't find it's way in weird places… Knowing the ghosts in our house, it would be on my bed…

Then there was this adorable bear from Amigurumi Kingdom. I love the rivets in the ears, he looks like he should be roaming around some steampunked village. Or he's a little messenger bear.

Here's Big Daddy from the Nerdigurumi site. I am so wanting to make myself one of these and a Little Sister to go with it because they're as… Wait no strike that they're a lot cooler than Nemesis, because you know when you get into a fight with one it WILL mess you up. Hm… I make one it'll be out of metal wire though. And I'll need the right kind of lamp to hang near it.

Last for this week is this amazing doll that I found on Toureasy47201's Flicker. I love the attention to detail in her. Considering I'm working on my first doll I'm always amazed at the detail that can be put into them. One of these days I'll have enough courage to so that pattern, right now I haven't felt I could do it justice.

Need to crop some more photos and finish some other Ami that are sitting in the WIP box. Might have to soon put them in my basket because the drawers I have aren't real big.