Sunday, October 23

I really need to post here more often...

I’ve been hanging out too much on Tejinas Toybox lately though I’m slowly trying to get everything organized better so that I have all the blogs tied into one.
Let’s see, the last… few months have actually been a blur, I’ve been busy trying to get things done, and we got the housemate’s son to college, with all the quiet time in the house you’d think I’d spend more time writing… Yeah, not really, I’ve been working on so many crochet projects lately that my hands want to hack themselves off and run away. 
Doesn’t help that Toes is being clingy lately.  I think he misses his sister, she passed away back in February, and since then I’ve been in my little funk.  Hoping to pop out of it soon. 
Yeah I know a eh post, about to go get some things done so I can start figuring out what I’m going to do with the store of items I have to get into the shops.