Monday, April 9

In which nicky does a happy dance!

Okay yeah I know I missed a few days writing, we’re going to blame the holidays okay? 

Or the fact that I’ve been banging my head trying to get this rabbit done, and no I’m not talking about the chocolate one… that’s already in pieces next to me as I crochet.

Though I did get a nice Easter surprise, a necklace that I was really debating keeping for myself because I didn’t think anyone else would like it… Sold in the shop, just shows me that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself when it comes to my designs.  The more out there the more people seem to like it.

Tomorrow I’m walking to the post office since it’s not far and I really need to start working out more, So figure this will only help with that goal right.  Nicky wants a slimmer tummy!  It’s probably not going to happen before my birthday (yeah two weeks HAH)  But maybe by midsummer?  Well that’s the goal at least.

Well, I’m going to go package this necklace for shipping, and see about grabbing a snack that isn’t all sugar while I work out this bunny.  I think I know how I’m going to do the ears at least, and thinking I’m doing one with braids, only because I want to play around with the idea.  I don’t think she’ll be good for little kids, but I’m hoping she’s going to be cute. 

And while I’m talking shop today, let’s see we have Hammond up, he’s a pig that Liz made that personally if she’d let me keep him I would.  He’d so be going to my little stockpile of cute toys that is slowly overtaking my work area.  Most of them will be sent out as soon as I can get pictures taken and get them up on line.  Yes that’s my goal for next week, getting at least 60 more items into the shop.