Wednesday, October 20

Warms scarves, gloves and really what am I doing?

Sorry I've been quiet lately, trying to get Blonks made, work on some gifts for the holidays and well pretty much trying to get things done before my mad writing attack starting the first of the month. Yeah I'm going to try to run both at the same time, the shop and NANO. I'm only shooting for 60k words this year, not doing something insane like the double book I pulled last year (120k words in one month is a PAIN to edit at the end of the month, I still can't make out most my caffeine induced writing for one of the books, so it's probably a loss). Hoping to get this one scarf finished tonight and get a few Blonks up tomorrow. If not I will have more items in my shop by Friday, before my two hours of TV, because I need my Sci-Fi fix weekly.

Right now that comes in the form of Supernatural (Monsters every week so WIN!) and Sanctuary. When the next season of Dr. Who comes on I'll probably be watching it if BBC actually behaves on or cable network. For some reason I can't really get into other shows. Occasionally I'll watch CSI and NCIS, but I'm not as much of a fan as I used to be. I know Kate so sorry!

Well back to work, that way I can hurry get the gifts done hopefully in time to send them out with the shop orders. Yes this means that Dad might actually get the blanket I started making for him this time last year. I have it mostly done, just have to figure out how I'm linking the panels together. Might go for a leaf motif…

Reminds me I should also work on the gloves I want for the faire made. Might just end up making them bracers instead, I'll have to find the right boots too. Looks like I may be making a trip to the mall. Maybe I'll be lucky to find the right ones because I need another pair of good soft leather boots. My black ones, which would have been perfect for a costume, fell apart on me after five years of constant wear, and the other pair I have… I'm not killing myself to walk around in three inch heels thanks.