Thursday, November 17

Gah! FRANTIC Mad scientist here!

I have a little over a week to finish up some presents for family and hardly time to do it in.  Though I'm about an 8th of the way done with the blanket I'm making for my dad.  Hoping I can snag some photos before giving it to him for the blog.  I can't show it off obviously before hand not sure if he's reading this one.

Also want to make a decent sized Blonk for Teri, maybe two, though pretty sure the blanket will be shared if I can finish it.  If not the housemate wants me to give them the one she made and I'll put mine in the shop.  I'm just hoping I have enough yarn for it.

And yeah I know I need to put more items up in the Zibbet account to get that fully up and running.  Ugh, if I survive the Holidays this year it'll be a miracle.  They're not even in full swing yet and I'm frazzled.

Might be because I have so many things to do and feels like absolutely no time to do it.  Wonder if this is how other shop owners feel their first year of having a shop?