Monday, September 20

Okay, okay so I really suck at blogging.

I know I haven't used this account as much as I wanted to lately. Been working on a few things; EDL and now my Amigurumi and Jewelry site, which also has a blog on it, as well as plotting out my writing project for November. I think I may actually start that writing project early and totally shine off doing NaNoWriMo this year. I know I can hit the word count in a month, though the story that I have brewing in my head's one that I want to get down without the time restraint. Besides, might be fun to write.

And the idea's a little better than the steam punk one that I was writing about last time. We'll see how it goes after all, I have so much going on at the moment I don't even know where to start. Other than the beginning, right now that's as far away from crochet hooks as I can get for a few hours. Totally blame it on the fact that the little demons I made aren't as cute as I thought they would be so I don't want to even attempt Jack o lanterns at the moment. Ugh, I should go get my drink and plug in the laptop. Sitting out on the porch for a bit, just because it's one of those days where it's a little cool, but comfortable. The day made for apple cider, and a nice happy little story.

Guess it looks like I'm writing for a bit. I should see about getting back into a few writing groups. I haven't been in any for a while, mostly because the writer's block lately. One good thing about the Amigurumi I'm making. The monkeys I've made have started to take on a life of their own and have been forcing me to create little stories for them. One of these days I'll end up typing them all up and posting them. Probably in the little description of them on the new site, just so that readers will see who I'm talking about.

Until next time (Which won't be forever I promise!)


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