Friday, October 8

Blonkies now have a home!

    I just opened up my shop on ArtFire as Tejina's Toy box. I only have a few items up there at the moment; I'm hoping to put the rest of the spook trios up, and thinking I might make a few other things to pop up until I can get more Blonks done. I'll be selling them off once I have a basket full of them. Until now you'll be seeing Snowmen, blob trios and if I get some extra time (Man what I wouldn't do for more than 24 hours in a day) some winter gear.

    Ended up making this shop for two reasons, one, I wanted to have a shop where I'm not sharing the workload with the housemate, which at this rate is 98% me 2% her; and two, Dude! The Blonks are cool enough to deserve their own shop right? Everyone agrees on that right? Awesome!

    Okay this is proof I have to start sleeping nights and not stay up watching British Science Fiction shows back to back late night. I tend to get a little hyper. Though I have a friend out in California who wants me to make her a Master Blonk, should have asked which version of him. I'll probably end up making a Ghostie one, white hair black hoodie… Means I'd have to make a Doctor too… Yeah, that whole idea came about at about 3 am Eastern Standard time really. There's also an idea floating around to make StarGate Blonks and Resident Evil ones. Zombeh blonks… that's actually a scary thought, really scary thought (Yeah there's an evil look on my face now). I'll have to wait on them until much later. After all winter's all about the warm fuzzies right?

    This winter's Trio is going to be a candle, a Yule log, and looks like by random pole done again late night with friends, Holly or Mistletoe! I'll have pictures up as soon as I get the first trio done, until then, I think I'm going to go grab crackers cheese and some lunch meat, pop in a movie and try to get less hyper.

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