Sunday, November 27

survived! I think

Well I managed to get the blonk packaged away for my stepmother, it's currently on it's way to Michigan.  Now I just have photos to take of the rest of the stuff we have to get up on line.  Then it'll just be a matter of continuing to keep it stocked.  Shouldn't be too hard really we have a stock pile already and I'm so going to be re-organizing things so that I can get them in a better packaging production mode.

Reminds me I have to get more jewelry boxes.  Yay what fun.

But yeah, I'm planning on using this blog more.  Hopefully I will remember to.  Time for me to actually get off my rear to get the stuff I need done.  the rate I'm going... I'll have everything done by next New Years!  Yeah... I'm a little slow at it okay?

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