Wednesday, March 21

I'm alive, I think.

Well I know I said I’d blog more often, got tied up in the shop, literally, I’m surrounded by a mountain of projects in various stages of incompleteness.  Though I think today I’m putting on shorts and taking the box of things we have made out to the yard for some shots.  Hopefully I can get some time to edit them and pop them up on-line.  Though I have to admit I think we need a bigger box, because right now we have about 100 items we need jewelry boxes for sending, and need to photograph, I’ve just been waiting for a few nice days where I can lie out on the lawn going trigger happy.

And rereading that last sentence, I sound like I’m psycho or something.  I’m going to blame it on my fondness for survival horror games okay?  Good. 

I’ll leave you today with the newest item up in the shop, just in time for Summer!  Bring on the slushie fruity drinks!  Bonus with the umbrellas okay, yeah it’s been one of those weeks, and it’s only Wednesday, and really I don’t drink that much! 
This necklace and earring set, made of pearls, shell and a brass finding, is great for the summer.

The pooka shells mixed with pieces of other shell and pearls just screams going to the beach or boardwalk. Pair it up with a tank and shorts to give a more classy look, or a simple black dress at night for a romantic walk in the sand.

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