Tuesday, May 1

Well that worked....

I would have been writing more but lately got swamped with work.  And hey sold a few items out of the store, ones that I was iffy about putting up because I didn’t think anyone would want to buy something that off the wall, my steampunk/bohemian necklace went to a woman creating a steampunk costume (Which I wanted to keep it for). And my tribal inspired earrings are headed to a girl who loves that look, I’m hoping to get pictures of them with it on. 

Let’s see, I have some new items to edit and put up on the site too, okay so nIIz designs has a lot of stuff that still needs to go up, I’ve been slacking on that lately, but we’ve been trying to get the house cleaned up so that I can take over a corner of the living room as the base of operations instead of being by the stairs, because ugh, whenever anyone bounds down those stairs it causes me to lose count on stitches.  And I’d like an area I can work on more jewelry, the corner I’m in now is horrible for that.

And in the world away from the shop, the weather’s caused me to catch another cold.  We’ve been getting wonderful days, and frost warnings, which makes me glad that we don’t have the garden fixed up and planted.  Though I did want to do that this spring, once the store’s doing better I think I’ll work on that, I miss fresh vegetables that all I have to do is rinse them off a  little with the garden hose before nomming away (Have to love my technical terms here).

Maybe I just have the munchies for something healthy, here goes suggesting chili fries for lunch.  Anyway I have some errands to run, pictures to edit then the blonk lab wants me back in there to whip up some new playmates for them.  I think they’re scared that they’ll be leaving with no one to work the lab properly.  If they weren’t so cute I think I’d be mad about being slave driven by stuffed animals.

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