Friday, December 31

Blonk investigation - Jack's notes

Normally I don’t like to keep personal journals okay?  Though this time there’s just some things that I can’t put in the official report, like the real reason I didn’t mind bringing Nick with me.  I was hoping to share a room with her, but that’s not going to be possible, one of those damn rats are with her at all times, I was bit the first day we were here because I tried to pick one up and she as one riding on her shoulder.

They seem to have her and our host under some sort of, yeah as a scientist I shouldn’t use the word, but they’re under some sort of spell.  I don’t trust the damn rats.  I’m just hoping that it’ll be safe enough to leave her alone with them a few hours while I check out city hall tomorrow.  I need to know if I should call in a team.  Already thinking of telling CDC to quarantine the town.

Just hope that there’s a way to reverse whatever’s been done to Nicky, last thing our company needs is to lose the best photographer and video editor we have.  Ed would get pissed about that since he’s the one that recruited her from college.  

I’ve checked the room, it’s clear of those damned things.  Nick’s asleep in her room, I checked before sitting down to write.  I might be lucky enough to get through the rest of the night without a situation. 


Nick’s gone, her camera’s with her but her cell’s still at the B&B.  It’s two am, I went to check on her when I woke hearing something in the hall.  Damn girl managed to slip past me somehow; it’s raining outside and her jacket’s still in her room.  I’m going out to look for her, taking the video camera with me and my tape recorder.  If the damn rats are behind it I’ll be on the phone with CDC to get them to start rounding up everyone in this place.  I’ll even deal with the lock up until I know I’m not carrying whatever they have.

Jack’s tapes 4 am

Found Nick.  She’s in the hospital now.  Found her in the woods near some nests.  She wasn’t breathing, took me a moment to get her back to start.  They’re keeping her for observation.  I don’t know what else to do.  She insists she’s fine. 

She was so cold when I found her.  And those damn rats, they were all over her, I looked, there weren’t any bites, but still, I don’t trust them.  It’s like they know I want to take one back to the lab for study.  That’s insane though, how could an animal know that?

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