Saturday, December 25

Ah happily watching Doctor Who. Want to make some Amigurumis

Actually I want to make the big cuddly Doctors and Torchwood ones from Pixelated Mushroom.  They're adorable. 

Okay,I really should finish these other projects I have before starting a new one.  Like my WTFery doll, which will probably only be one of... I was thinking it would be cute for my New Years ones, but... I don't like how it looks right now  I might not get them done in time for Chinese New Year.  Which is a bummer.  I really wanted to.

And damn it... Why is BBC America Editing the episodes!  They cut out all the funny scenes in the last two episodes before switching to Eleventh Doctor eps.  Oh well, not like I don't have them already.  I'll end up watching them later.

Now I'm done rambling going back to blonks so I zone out on the TV.

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