Monday, December 20

WIP Box show and tell (AKA why I'm so silent)

Yeah I haven’t been writing here in a while I’m so sorry about that I really am trying to be better at that!
Well I figured I’d do a show and tell to show you that the blonky lab’s in full swing!  I’ve been working my little fingers to the nubs trying to get these done so I can pop them up for sale.  

I’m also trying to plot out a little story for them.  They’re whole creation story because really, they are supposed to be monkeys, but tend to want to be mice and other little critters, so figure I’d write something to explain what they are other than really loud and Gods they multiply worse than bunnies!  My WIP box has about sixty of them waiting to be born and I plan on making at least another forty of them before I start working on some actual dolls.

I’m really thinking that I should have something up for their creation by Christmas, my little gift to you, a nice story post. 

Maybe there’ll be a post with a WIP doll in it too.  I found a pattern that I really want to try.  Thinking if it works I’ll be adding actual dolls to my collection of items to sell.  I was going to make some coffee slips, still might knowing how much I drink coffee, I’ll play with the pattern with scrap yarn.  I think after this rush I’ll have some extra.  I need to start making a list of the colors I use too, that way when I run out I can get more.  I think that’s one reason I’m using red heart.  No dye lot is becoming a life saver.  I’ve already run out of one color and had to go back to get more at the store a few times, you wouldn’t think that little blonks, only a few inches tall would take up so much yarn.  I average ten blonks per ball with a little left over for the ears and tails.  They’re a great stash buster project though.  

Now for the show and tell one craft drawer of blonks (And one pencil oops): 
 That was at about 3 am this morning.  I'm slowly trying to get at least ten different colors done so I can do some mix and matching.  Still have 2 pairs of gloves to make as Christmas gifts. 

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