Friday, January 28

Guess who needs a new purse?

And reading over this before posting… Oh Gods, I'm going GIRLY! But damn I like the bags I'm linking. They're cool looking and scream 'different'. Which is something I've always tried to be; a little 'out there'.

Okay I don't NEED one I just want one, so that's why I'm sitting on Ravelry looking at purse patterns that I can toy with. There's a few I've seen already that I like.

This bag… I know I will end up making and steaming. It would look really cute with the gloves I'm planning for my steampunked outfit, and it would be the perfect size to tuck away ID and money as well as a small ball of yarn and my hooks for long trips.

Though this one is another cute bag… looks like something I would carry more often.

And yeah I love small pouches. This one just looks cute and I have some dishcloth yarn left from some projects, wonder if the bags would make some good stash busters? I'll have to play around with it a little, doesn't look that hard and I might have another drawer I can empty out for little things.

I may end up having to make a few just for fun, that is after I get these blonks done, and my steam bunny… I may end up making steam bunnies, and purses for etsy, that is when I get the room to organize my things a little better.

And while I'm at it, I know I should be promoting my stuff, but a friend of mine is making cute stuff. We're probably going to do a trade blonks for a wallet cause mine's a bit bulky…

I wonder if it's bad that both of us are feeding each other's addictions… me for my survival horror (If she can find the fabric) Me for hr NCIS (tim and Abby, shouldn't be that hard to blonk them. I has something to toy with this weekend heh.

That is after making that Steamed bunny, and a Zeppelin, because I failed to find one this week for my steamed Mondays!

And yeah I should have some images up for mid week next week. Trying to get the rest of my blonks and the jewelry up, need to work on my pixel for my cards too so much to do so little time to do it.

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