Monday, January 24

Steamed Mondays – invasion of the kraken?

I was seriously worried I wouldn't get this done today. First it was driving around town to find a few things… then having to go back to the pharmacy for a prescription… Needless to say, now I'm home for the rest of the night and looking around…

I was trying to find an Amigurumi Zeppelin, but three searches on three different crawlers turned up nothing! Am I just not searching right or has no one come up with an Ami airship yet? If that's the case… I may have to toy with it, my niece will have her Doctor and a whole slew of air pirates! And my brother will think I'm insane.

Wait, he already does.


Because the whole zeppelin thing was a bust, I'll give you Squids, Octi, and hm, Lab stuff, because they all go together in some sort of way (Okay the last bit is because I have viruses on the brain, Resident Evil will do that to you).

First off, the story behind these squids were amusing, too bad I'm on the wrong side of the ocean (really should see if they do silly stuff like this at the National aquarium, I'm only a few hours from it and it's a fun drive into Baltimore). And the story behind them… I'm a little curious to see how I'd stand against one of the little guys, or if I'll have my fingers in splints for a few weeks.

And I know EVERYONE does at least one octopus right (Not sure what happened to CK, the housemate's daughter got him so he was probably trashed, but Titan's ruling over his empire, I really need to get him a fish bowl…). I thought that these two just looked adorable.

And yeah I'm a sucker for cats, so I had to add the pirate kitty by djonesgirlz to this week's collection. What better kitty to deal with that squid and the octi right?

And what alchemist lab's complete without a beaker? Okay yeah I know that is the wrong kind, but I grew up with the Muppets, and when I saw him I couldn't help it with the joke.

Hope you liked this week's little collection of Amigurumis. I think I'm starting to get the hang of hunting them down now. Now to work on my own steampunked Amis.

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