Sunday, January 29

In which Nicky rambles. Yay

Okay yeah I totally fail at keeping blogs okay? Though I’m trying I really am! Doesn’t help that when I’m at the computer I’m usually listening to the radio crocheting, which reminds me I need to get some better images of some of my blonks to share with my readers. Maybe I’ll do that Monday morning when it’s a little more quiet around here. I know I have some items I have to get up in the Zibbet shop. The unholidays that the housemate and I had ended up being a work frenzy.

And yes I said unholidays, we were so busy until just last week helping her son get things ready for going back to school that we kind of forgot to take time for ourselves. When we weren’t helping him we were crocheting. She made a few tops that I’m tempted to buy from her because they’re so pretty. I just don’t know what I’d wear them with yet. Hm… Black jeans, need to invest in another pair of those anyway and black jeans look good with EVERYTHING in my opinion.

And I’m slowly making a dent in the mountain of yarn around me. I might actually be able to reclaim my wicker basket for the purpose I bought it for which is storing the finished items, not all my yarn! Yeah, that’s a wishful thought okay? I’m allowed them now and then. I have some pretty yarns though that I’m planning to turn into stuffed animals. I want to perfect my monster pattern because really he’s become an awesome buddy to keep around when I’m watching a horror movie, and he doesn’t squirm as much as the cat does.

Once I finish this muffler and gloves set as well as these dish cloths I started like a month ago, that’s the plan make another monster. And this time write down the pattern in notes. I can’t remember what I did to make the original one! Total fail on my part.

On that note I'll leave you with one of my favorite jewelry creations.  I love how the colors melded together for this one.  Something about bronze and watery hues that just feel warm and comforting to me.

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