Monday, January 9

things in town done... cherry coke in hand...

And I'm looking at the mountain of yarn around me trying to figure out what I want to make today.  I have three more dish towels to finish for a friend's housewarming gift. 

I need to do some things for the shop, including some photos so I can get them up on line. 

Should work on my market bag pattern too because I love the one I'm using and abusing is an awesome little bag that I use everywhere.  Though the bottom I have to work on.  Actually had to repair it today.

I need to make more large Blonks too.  The one pictured is the one I made for my step mother for Christmas.  She adored it and actually had others ask where she got it so yeah, I have to make some more.  If nothing else I'll have a start of a stock pile of things made for craft shows next year.  Shooting for filling the shop first though!

First though!  MUNCHIES! 

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