Saturday, March 31

rain rain go away

I was asked late last night by a friend if I’d do a commission for her.  She put the idea up so that she could try to save up to for it first. She’s a friend so I really don’t have a problem with it but I’ve never really done them before I’m horrible at deadlines. 

Which reminds me on my daily planner I should put up a thing to remind me to post here every day, maybe that will work to help me stay focused, seeing the annoying red reminder every hour.

Well it’s worth a shot we’ll see how it goes starting today. 

Anyway, back to the scarf, it’s a simple design and I’m thinking I might try it with a Tunisian stitch just so I can get a feel of that stitch to see if I want to play around with it more.  The pattern it’s self for the scarf is two colors in stripes.  So pretty basic to begin with.  The original which she wants me to try to copy for her was knitted, you can tell from the photo.

But me and my knitting needles are having an agreement at the moment.  We agree to not work well with each other.  Which kind of upsets me because I want to learn how to make socks, I’ve seen some patterns that I would love to try, if for nothing else to make some cute ones to wear with a few of my short skirts. 

I’ll have to take pictures of those experiments when I get some time to work on them.  Right now all the free time is going to catching up with getting photos of the stuff the housemate and I have made for the shop.  We have over 100 items and I’ve barely had time to work on getting photos lately.  The foul weather the last few days doesn’t help matters either.  If it’s not freezing it’s been raining, and I want to abuse, use the rose bush for some of the photos before it blooms!

Next time I hope to have my Lapis wrap finished so I can get a picture of it up, right now it's sitting in the basket I'm using to hold it.  And 31 rows through I realize... I'm using a larger hook!  Half tempted to rework it.  Glad that the only one who will be wearing it is me though.  That one I won't be selling.

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