Monday, April 2

of blonks and cold meds....

Monday morning and I’m wishing that it wasn’t so wet out so I could get some pictures.  Instead I’m playing with key chain and cell phone charms.  The ones I’ve made so far are kind of cute, would be better if I knew where I had put my doll eyes for them though.  Looks like that’s what I’m looking for later today, organization?  I have none.

And I’m fully going to blame that on the Blonks running my little lab.  Really why did I stick Sack and Captain in charge of it?  Those two can get distracted in a heartbeat.  

On the upside, I think I lost the rest of my brain cells with my sneezing fit, meaning they have a mindless zombie to order around…

On second thought, that might not be such a good thing after all, who knows what kind of creatures will be coming out of my cold meds haze. 
(me on cold meds, trust me)

Hm, maybe I can use this time to work on some jewelry?  I know I’m running low on that to photograph for the shop.  And even Blonks need bling right?  Right, well looks like I’m going to be playing with sharp pointy things today, as well as crochet hooks. 

Anyone see where they stashed my extra large mocha cup?  Because I have a feeling I’m going to need a large raspberry white chocolate mint mocha with extra whipped cream and I’m thinking sprinkles today.  Yeah, sprinkles would just make the day ever so much better. 

Either that or a trip to the book store, Captain wants a few new steam punk geared books I promised him I’d get some if he would leave me alone for a bit.  I’m not holding my breath on that since he’s trying to figure out how to saddle the cat. 
(Captain Steamer Bunny - Yes that's his real name - Looking all smug at me)

I’d be more worried if he wasn’t four inches tall.  And the fact I’m thinking a stuffed animal’s planning that?  Just shows how well my cold meds are working.  Maybe I’ll just call today off.

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