Wednesday, April 4

Website updates YAY

Well that needed to be done, nIIz Designs web page has now been updated with almost everything from the shop. We have some more photos to get up, but I’m tired of coding now, I’ll get them up with in the next few days.

It’s something I’ve meant to do a while, but I kept putting it off, something I shouldn’t have done, but with me doing most of the promotional stuff (Okay so my partner’s been on creative streak so I’ll give her that credit) I just haven’t really wanted to work on the site. Though I’m thinking I should change the coloring on the main page to match the awesome banner one of our clients gave me.

 I think that will be a project for another day, right now as I said I’m sick of coding so I’m going to be lying out in the sun taking pictures of the products we still need to get into the shop.

While I was working on things I did put up a link page, I’m going to offer a link exchange for anyone who has a handmade crafts shop. If you want me to post a link in my shop drop a line here, or over on my Zibbet and I’ll get your banner up in the shop as soon as I can. Usually it’ll be one or two days from when you ask, all I ask is a link somewhere back to my shop.

And ooh! My partner in crime (Well friends have said the stuffed animals are criminally cute) just told me lunch is ready so I have to get going, Hoping my next update will have some of the shop stuff I’ve been working on.


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